✝ Faith ✝

by Baccus Prowers (of KONAMIBOYZ fame)




Does anyone remember Baccus Prowers or Eros Fillarmore? No?

Well maybe you will remember them more alongside the American model of Apolo Trevent, forming the first vaporwave Boyband, KONAMIBOYZ.

While Apolo got a semi sucessful singles carrer (or at least his other models did), Eros and Baccus didn't do so well. Eros didnt attemp to go back to music after empty gigs on kids birthday parties and decided to work a 9 to 5 job on a House insurance company on Scranton, now married and living a common life with noone to highly remember his past as a boyband member. But Baccus found a different trio after leaving KONAMIBOYZ: The Holy Trinity.

Baccus, after alcohol abuse took a tool on his health and put him on a coma for 5 weeks, found strenght and will to live on the sacred scriptures, and began a life dedicated to God and spreading his word.
To achieve this, Baccus used some of his previous music skills to compose some hymns for the Lord, influenced and shaped like his previous work, but mostly inspired by the Divine. His work from this era is hard to retrieve, as it wasnt globally sold on international stores, but on church benefic yard sales and on Christan Youth gigs around the West Coast of USA.

But lucky for us, vaporwave lovers, one of the master tapes has been found, containing 3 tracks from this era of the aforemention artist, laying on Philadelphia's St. Marcus Apostole Church, inside a dusty wodden wine bottle box hidden on one of the reverend's private room wardroves.


released November 25, 2016




Apolo Trevent V France

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